Call for Entries: CENSURADOS Film Festival – Lima, Peru

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logo-censurados“The story that is behind a censored film can help us to understand better our society”

CENSURADOS Film Festival will take place in Lima (Peru) on December 2013 with the aim to give voice to those fiction, documentary and animation films that have been censored in different countries for political, religious, sexual or environmental reasons, among others. The Festival wants to open a new space for directors and producers that their films have been prohibited and wants to know and talk about the story that is behind each censure. Since the beginning of cinema many films and scenes have been prohibited by different social, religious and political groups. Yet in 1894 we can find the first images censored in United States (“Carmencita”) that were prohibited by two local politicians because the scene shown the underskirt of the dancer. Others films such Clockwork Orange and The Great Dictator were also censored in the past and nowadays are some of the greatest films of cinema’s history. These are only some examples of how the censure has been very close to the history of the cinema and the documentary films.


The first edition of CENSURADOS Film Festival will take place on December 3-8th in a main location (Tupac Centro de Creación Contemporánea – Barranco – Lima) where open air screenings and activities will be held as well as in some other outreach locations. Different activities will be organized during the SIX days of the Festival: open air screenings, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, workshops, performances and concerts. All of them will be free entry.

The Festival will have an official selection (call for entries that is now going on) and also other documentary and fiction sections and retrospectives about the censorship from different points of view: Women, the Peruvian Censure, the Catholic Censure, the conflict between enterprises and indigenous villages, the history of the censored films, among others.


This section is non-competitive and will program documentary, fiction and animation films that have been censored in the last years. A call for entries until September 1st is going on in order to invite worldwide filmmakers to participate with their long and short films and the story that is behind the censure they have suffered. The jury not only will consider the quality of the films but also the reasons because it was banished.

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