The following cases are examples of people and situations that have received our Distress Services:

More Examples

After a Gambian journalist was charged in connection with a contested newspaper story in the wake of a purported coup attempt, freeDimensional was able to place him in an artistic residency at a partner center in Senegal. The journalist was able to use this creative safe haven to put his affairs in order before traveling onward.

freeDimensional responded to a visual artist from Israel that suffered from depression and economic marginalization due to his work addressing the plight of women in the Druze community in Israel. He was offered an artist residency in Spain in partnership with freeDimensional and the Festival Against Censorship.

When a poet from the Republic of Georgia suffered attacks and harassment after participating in peaceful protests against human rights abuses, which culminated in a prison sentence, freeDimensional was able to find a placement for him in an artist residency in a neighboring country.

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