The goal of freeDimensional is to support culture in the service of free expression, justice and equality.


freeDimensional advances social justice by hosting activists in art spaces and using cultural resources to strengthen their work.

Guiding Principles

freeDimensional values artists as communicators & vanguards on a range of critical issues and community art spaces as sites of innovation that can provide a range of solutions. By protecting critical voices through safe haven in artist residency apartments and quick-response funding to help avoid danger, we:

  1. Provide opportunities for threatened culture workers to continue their creative practice;
  2. Send a message to repressive regimes and people who misuse their power that culture workers will not be silenced without the international community taking note and coming to his or her defense;
  3. Activate latent activism in the creative sector, which redirects underutilized (and unrelated) resources to affect social change; and
  4. Sensitize the human rights sector to the important role of creativity in fighting injustice.


Based on the belief that creative expression fuels social justice movements, freeDimensional works with the global arts community to identify and redistribute resources, and support meaningful relationships between art spaces and activists.

freeDimensional aims to engage with and foster solidarity among marginalized groups, including LGBT communities, people experiencing economic oppression, people with disabilities, migrants, and young people. freeDimensional is also committed to promoting long-term economic and environmental sustainability within its network of art spaces and human rights organizations.

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