Belarus Free Theatre, Taking up the death penalty in ‘Trash Cuisine’

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Trash Cuisine is a dynamic, affecting and innovative piece of theatre devised and developed from first degree research collected in Asia, Africa, U.S. and Europe by Belarus Free Theatre with the support of Amnesty International.

Hugely well received at its premiere in Stadsshouwberg, Amsterdam on 5 October 2012, supported by the European Cultural Foundation, Trash Cuisine explores issues behind imprisonment and torture with particular focus on the death penalty to create a challenging and nerve shredding performance.

Using live music, choreography, actors from Belarus, the U.S., UK and Australia and stunning visual imagery BFT have created an inventive and moving drama.


Incorporating testimonies of inmates and executioners from Bang Kwang jail in Thailand, of the families of death penalty victims in Belarus, of Liam Holden, the last man in the UK to be sentenced to the death penalty and of Clive Stafford-Smith, noted British human rights lawyer, Belarus Free Theatre have created a performance that will change modern perceptions of this barbaric practice.

We want to bring this extraordinary performance to the UK in order to raise awareness among British people to call for change around the world and to show the power of art in issues of huge international importance.

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