fD participates in the Triangle Network Conference – November 26 & 27

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fD founder Todd Lester joins a panel at ‘Networked: Dialogue and Exchange in the Global Art Ecology’ in London, England.

Organized by the Triangle Network, the conference featured representatives of arts and cultural networks and organizations from around the world. Topics covered include: the principles and ethics that guide cultural networks, the use of network practices in developing programs, why artists use and create networks, the environments in which networks develop and operate, support systems and challenges faced by networks, and approaches to supporting artists and grassroots initiatives.

fD founder Todd Lester presented on his experiences and insights into the role of networks in connecting artists and organizations:

‘When considering the network as institutional form, it is freeing to understand that contemporary notions of sustainability are often bound by the more rigid institutional form of non-profit (or NGO) against which the horizontal network is already an evolving juxtaposition. We must look at networks both as larger, formal structures as well as horizontal, ad hoc set-ups, such as collectives and community projects that artists create and join intuitively, and how each learn from the other.’

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