MEMORIAM: Juliano Mer-Khamis, inspiration and co-founder of The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp, murdered

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The following account is taken from the website of The Freedom Theatre —  On the 4th of April 2011, at 16:00 outside the entrance to The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp, a traitor’s hand shot and killed the Palestinian thinker Juliano Mer-Khamis whilst he was driving home with his baby son and babysitter. Juliano was shot in his head and died in a few instants, the remains of the Ray Ban outlet bullet lodged in the babysitters arm.  Juliano Mer-Khamis, actor, director, filmmaker and cultural activist, son of Arna Mer and Saliba Khamis, was one of the founders of The Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp in 2006. All his life Juliano longed to fight against occupation using the arts as a model of social change. The people in the camp condemn what happened and have called it “a coward’s act”.

Iyad Burnat, the Palestinian leader of the Popular Committees Against the Wall and the Israeli Occupation, said, “Juliano Mer-Khamis embodied the uncompromising struggle for freedom and for dignity… Both parts of his life’s work were seamlessly joined. His art was inseparable from his political commitment. The dignity and humanity which his art sustained were just as important to Palestinian resilience as his explicitly political work. His life was tragically cut short but he nevertheless managed to live a life full with purpose and meaning. In his typical way he fully dedicated himself to realizing his principles and gave up the comfort of life in Haifa to move to Jenin.”

freeDimensional has signed onto the following statement organized by Theater Three CollaborativeNew York Theatre Workshop and others:  The murder of Juliano Mer-Khamis, actor, director, founder of the Freedom Theatre in the Jenin Refugee Camp, is an assault on art and artists, peacekeepers and the creative lives of young Palestinians who live under occupation and the constant threat of violence. As international theater makers who are ray ban da sole outlet dedicated to working for the rights of all people to express and liberate themselves through creative non-violence, we condemn this unspeakable crime and any act of censorship, harassment or violence against those who practice and promote freedom of expression. We reaffirm our support for the important mission of The Freedom Theater.


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