A project we like: The Impossible Music Sessions

Posted on November 21, 2010 | No Comments

freeDimensional is now five years old.  Whereas we have a particular way that we actualize art and social justice by hosting activists and culture workers-in-distress in the surplus (vacant) apartments of artist residencies, we often see amazing projects that inspire us, innovate and show new approaches to advocating freedom of thought and expression.  The Impossible Music Sessions is just such an initiative!  Here’s a clip about Session #3, a tribute to Lapiro de Mbanga, which happened on 16 November 2010 in Brooklyn, New York.  Lapiro is Ray Ban outlet currently in prison in Cameroon on trumped up charges because he challenged the president in one of his songs; if you are interested in helping Lapiro keep his spirits up, look here.  As you can see we have a new section where we feature projects we like such as The Impossible Music Sessions.  We’ll feature a new one each quarter.


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