Freeing Belarus through Theatre {World Policy Blog #4}

The Iron Curtain may have come down, but what remains is still in Belarus. Under Alexander Lukashenko’s stringent regime, the capacity for individual expression is strictly limited. Creative endeavors like plays—regardless of its politics—are censored by the government. The Belarus Free Theatre, founded in 2005, stages modern performances addressing social issues. While the company sells out internationally, they […]

Free Belarus – Literary & Human Rights organizations campaign together in weeks before election

Founded in 2005 by a husband-wife team, the Belarus Free Theatre is the only unregistered – thus independent and therefore illegal – dramatic troupe in this post-communist country.  Effectively banned at home, BFT’s performances have taken on an underground Magliette Calcio A Poco Prezzo existence, with audiences alerted via text message or e-mail.  Its covert […]

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