1ST BREAK OUT : Exhibition by Kyaw Thu – 25-27 May – New York City

First Breakout — Artistic Expressions from the Heart — Exhibition by Kyaw Thu “I have been denied all rights to artistic creation in Myanmar since September 2007, when I offered alms and water to monks walking in peaceful protest and reciting prayers of love during the Saffron Revolution, all the way to my current visit […]

freeDimensional @ the ICORN General Assembly – Stockholm, Sweden. 9-11 May 2012

fD Director, Sidd Joag joins more than 100 delegates, guest writers and observers from as many as 32 different countries heading to Stockholm Wednesday 9-Friday 11 May, to take part in the 2012 International Cities Of Refuge Network General Assembly. Established as an independent, international organisation since 2010, more than 30 ICORN member cities from […]

Chaw Ei Thein featured in NYFA’s Immigrant Artist Project Newsletter

Chaw Ei Thein (2011 Mentee Alum, Burma), is a painter and performance artist whose work stems from her contrasting experiences of growing up in a politically oppressive Burma and then shifting to a very different landscape in the United States. Chaw Ei’s emotionally charged work of addressing these conflicts in her native country has earned her […]

Issa Nyaphaga – The Art of Exile {World Policy Blog #2}

Issa Nyaphaga is known as the ragman of painting. He creates art out of garbage – anything from mud and sand to feathers and human hair. Nyaphaga gives disposed items a sort of renewal. But his artwork represents much darker story of rebirth. Nyaphaga was raised in a small village in the equatorial forests of Cameroon. […]

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